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Luis V. Rodriguez
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Luis V. Rodriguez was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to die in the California Gas Chamber at San Quentin Prison, for crimes he did not commit, (the killing of two lawmen in Yolo County California).
Before his arrest at age twenty three, Luis Valenzuela Rodriguez spent much of his time helping others and promoting social change.
Now he has every right to be angry; he trusted the United States Criminal Justice System to establish his innocence, and it did not do so.
Illegal, irresponsible, unethical, biased, and sloppy investigation procedures were used to manufacture this criminal case around him and to acquire his conviction and death sentence. The chief prosecution witness against Rodriguez was mentally unreliable and known to have lied numerous times to police and while testifying under oath at Rodriguez´ preliminary hearing and trial.
Yet, the prosecution not only provided her with healthy incentives to lie continuously, but provided her with continuing protections from full exposure and rewards. Margaret Alice Judith Klaess, as the prosecution key witness, was also provided immunity from prosecution for numerous crimes including the charges of murdering the two lawmen. Other false witnesses with criminal records, as well as drug addicts, quickly appeared offering false statements against Rodriguez for immunities and other police and prosecutorial rewards.

Luis was also convicted as the result of egregious jury misconduct, evidence which had been tainted and which was contradictory and unreliable, as well as due to the result of the prosecutions suppressed and destroyed evidence which would have proved favorable for Rodriguez in his defense. Several prosecution witnesses had been hypnotized prior to testifying or providing any statement to police, and this practice of hypnosis was later ruled illegal in another death penalty case, but in Rodriguez´ case, it was overlooked.
Rodriguez, half Native American Indian (Apache) and half Spanish (Mexican), has been imprisoned since 1978. He has been subjected to severe physical and psychological mistreatment prior to his trial while confined within the county jails and since his confinement in prison, all for crimes he did not commit. 

After more than a decade on Death Row, his death sentence was reversed and he has since been resentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole and confined to the notorious Pelican Bay State Prison on California. (Pelican Bay Prison is located in the northern corner of California and the extreme distance had made it almost impossible for Luis to receive visits from family and friends, or even his attorneys.)